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Enlist your assets and let Assetmint do the rest - A way to get more value of your assets without the paperwork.


Assetmint brings to you the easiest solution to optimize the use and keeping a track on the fixed assets of any company. Having a well-organized system of assets enhances the efficiency and productivity of the company. AssetMint overcomes the challenge of maintaining data transparency and strives to lead towards reducing costs with potent strategies. The following features will help to acquire the desired solution.


Real-Time Asset Management

The company will be able to administer the organization and control he constantly changing situations. It improves the business efficiency by locating and visualizing the movement of assets.

Allows Maintenance Tracking

Tracking the maintenance status of assets allows the company to ensure a healthy record keeping. It helps in dealing with minor issues before they become major ones.

Streamline Maintenance Schedules

Each asset undergoes different maintenance procedure as per its requirement. Streamlining these in schedules helps the company in catering each asset specifically.

100% Accurate Tracking

Accuracy in the tracking of assets prevents potential losses in the system. It increases the overall accountability of the system and discourages the misuse of assets.

Replace Spreadsheet

Instead of the time consuming procedure of inputting data into spreadsheets, AssetMint provides a central database for important information. Thereby making operational and technical analysis of your assets just a click away.

High Productivity

AssetMint is highly resourceful and optimizes the fixed assets utilization. It prevents and predicts assets failure, reduces costs and thus improves the productivity of the company.



It is a strategy of a company to buy another by purchasing the assets instead of stock.


Why Assetmint?

A company wants the best for itself as well its assets. AssetMint reduces the workload and provides you with the most enhanced technologies in the field of assets management.

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AssetMint is designed to track and manage all IT and non-IT Assets of organizations.